Lip Thoughts

Animated GIF of kissing lips

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Lips moving **thinking out loud**:

  • Site Critique - I've dished it out, I can take it, too. Despite what Colonel Jessep (Jack Nickolson) said in a "A Few Good Men", I can handle the truth! Just technical critiques please, style is too subjective.

  • Scanning - Info ImageReader Model FB-OMP; 30 bit, single pass, flatbed scanner. Cost $40 at OfficeMax. Info has gone out of biz. One day i'll buy a better scanner, but for now this one will have to do. Image processing is with Adobe Photoshop 4.0

  • Photos - Bought from Ebay or Stock Photo suppliers. If anyone else takes the Ebay route, please do some homework before buying your photos. I have had bouts of mental anguish over buyers paying +$20 for a $3 stock pics. There are few I have printed (inkjet) and sent because I couldn't find a pic I liked. Guess which photos are not real photos.

  • Signature Close ups - Yup, isn't that we're really interested in seeing here? I have enlarged the signature for examination. For some of the close ups I have inverted the image. This is a great way to identify signatures in a contrasty area. BTW, if anybody knows for absolute certainty that any of these signatures are not authentic, I'd sure like to know. Please emailget this gear! me.

  • TTM or Purchased? Pics are mostly TTM, a few purchased from dealers and some bought direct from Celeb web sites. Lips are usually from dealers.

  • Why Lip Prints? Why not?

  • Have I ever gotten a lip print from a TTM request? Yes, but very very few.

  • Where did you get the address? I have a links page for addresses.

  • How long did it take to get an answer? Email me about the one that has interested you and I'll tell you. But does it matter? A reply is a reply.

  • What about those fancy lip print cards? Yes, aren't they pretty? Got them from a local arts supplies store. 4 x 6 inches on acid-free card stock.

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