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All Things Lips

Lip print Urban legend

Forensic Lip Print Identification

Lip Print Poem

The Lip Store

I want the sofa!

On Tiles dot Com

Have your lip print made into a ceramic tile

Social Experiment

The above link I found interesting not only because it fell under the lip print theme, but because it has alot to say about indiscriminate autograph collecting

Lip Smackiní Competition

Lip print game

**Autograph Related Links**

Fellow Collector Personal Websites
Go take a look. You won't be disappointed!

Todd's Autograph Arena

Angel's Autographs

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Celebrity Addresses

The Star Archive
Elizabeth's Classic Celebrity Addresses 

Celebrity Career Reference

The Internet Movie Database
Nom de Guerre

Celebrity Death Reference
Dead People Server
Who's Alive and Who's Dead
Dead or Alive?

Studio Related
Current Movies On Location in L.A.
National Film Institute
Screen Actors Guild

Stock Photographs & Posters

Movie Market
Photo Classics
Reel Classics

Rick's has great posters and prices

Movie Goods
Pix Poster Celler

Poster Palace
Movie Star News

Order the 8 pound catalog and beat those eBay guys selling
the same items for +2x the REAL cost

Go Collect

A little pricey, but they have hard to find originals.
Straight out buy. No bidding

Spencer's Celebrity Photos
Same stock pics as selling on eBay, only $2.99 to $5.99


National Archives and Records Administration
Bags Unlimited
Bill Cole Enterprises

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